Program & Invited speakers

Final Program

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Plenary Talk

  • Prof. Hiroshi Amano(Nagoya University, JAPAN)
  • Prof. Ching W. Tang(Hong Kong University of Science and technology, China)

Invited Speakers

  • Dr. Hong-Seok Choi(LG Display)
  • Prof. Chihaya Adachi(Kyushu University, Japan)
  • Prof. Jang-Joo Kim(Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Prof. Takuji Hatakeyama(Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan)
  • Prof. Andy Monkman(University of Durham Photonic Materials Centre, UK)
  • Prof. Ken-Tsung Wong(National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
  • Prof. Shi-Jian Su(South China University of Technology, China)
  • Prof. Wolfgang Bruetting(University of Augsburg, Germany)
  • Prof. Franky So(Northcarolina State University, USA)
  • Prof. Daisuke Yokoyama(Yamagata University, Japan)
  • Prof. Sebastian Reineke(TU Dresden, Germany)
  • Prof. Peter Ho(National University of Singapore, Singapore)
  • Prof. Tae Woo Lee(Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Prof. Lian Duan(Tsinghua University, China)
  • Prof. Seunghyup Yoo(KAIST, Korea)
  • Prof. Yasufumi Fujiwara(Osaka University, Japan)
  • Prof. Jin Jang(Kyung Hee University, Korea)
  • Prof. Kristiaan Neyts(Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Prof. Shuming Chen(Southern University of Science and Technology, China)
  • Prof. Haizheng Zhong(Beijing Institute of Technology, China)
  • Prof. Yizheng Jin(Zhejiang University, China)
  • Prof. Yoshihiko Kanemitsu(Kyoto University Japan)
  • Prof. Heesun Yang(Hongik University, Korea)
  • Prof. Kee-Sun Sohn(Sejong University, Korea)
  • Prof. Ru-Shi Liu(National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
  • Dr. Masayoshi Mikami(Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan)
  • Dr. Anant Setlur(GE, USA)

Program Schedule

  • 16:00~
  • 17:00~
  • Registration
  • Welcome reception
  • Registration

  • Opening

  • Prof. Hiroshi Amano
    Nanorod Display as a Tool for Realizing Sustainable Smart Society
  • Prof. Jin Jang
    High Performance p-i-n quantum-dot light-emitting diodes
  • Prof. Yasufumi Fujiwara
    Towards semiconductors intracenter photonics

  • Break

  • Prof. Ru-Shi Liu
    Narrow Band Phosphors for the Application in Light-emitting Diodes
  • Dr. Anant Setlur
    Mn4+-doped Complex Fluoride Phosphors- Status and Outlook
  • Prof. Chihaya Adachi
    NIR OLEDs and lasing
  • Prof. Andrew Monkman
    Vibrational coupling in thermally activated delayed fluorescence, how multiple resonant energy states allow you to beat Ir triplet harvesting
  • Prof. Takuji Hatakeyama
    Development of Ultrapure Blue TADF Materials by Multiple Resonance Effect
  • Prof. Lian Duan
    TADF senzitized fluorescent OLEDs with improved efficiency and lifetime

  • Break

  • Prof. Sebastian Reineke
    Intrinsic performance optimization and active beam shaping of organic light-emitting diodes
  • Prof. Peter Ho
    Ohmic injection contacts for organic electroluminescence devices
  • Dr. Yuya Tanaka
    Impact of UV/Ozone Treatment for PEDOT:PSS Film on Charge Accumulation in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
    Investigated by Displacement Current Measurement
  • Mr. Tatsuki Sasaki
    High-efficiency OLEDs with a super-low-index hole transport layer
  • Dr. Yoshitake Suzuki
    Development of TADF materials and its application for HyperfluorescenceTM
  • Prof. Ching W. Tang
    Electroluminescence of Doped Organic Thin Films
  • Prof. Seunghyup Yoo
    OLEDs for wearable health-monitoring applications
  • Prof. Shi-Jian Su
    Highly Efficient Purely Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

  • Break

  • Prof. Wolfgang Brütting
    Molecular orientation as key parameter in organic optoelectronics
  • Prof. Jang-Joo Kim
    Orientation of phosphorescent dyes in OLEDs
  • Prof. Daisuke Yokoyama
    Understanding of the nature of amorphous organic semiconductor films for OLEDs
  • Prof. Kristiaan Neyts
    Quantum dot particles for linearly polarized LCD backlights
  • Prof. Haizheng Zhong
    Efficient Light-Emitting Diodes Based on In-situ Fabricated FAPbBr3 Nanocrystals: The Important Role of Ligand-Assisted Reprecipitation Process
  • Dr. Zhitao Kang
    Hybrid Tetrapod Quantum Dot-Phosphor Down-Converters for Solid State Lighting
  • Dr. Sandra Jenatsch
    Time-Dependent p-i-n Structure and Emission Zone in Sandwich-Type Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells
  • Prof. Toru Kyomen
    Improvement of electroluminescence performance of Ca0.6Sr0.4TiO3:Pr thin film by Al doping
  • Prof. Kenji Toda
    Low-Temperature Synthesis of Non-Oxide Phosphor Materials using the Water-assisted Solid-State Reaction Method

  • Break

  • Poster (16:20-18:20)
Banquet (19:00-21:30)
  • Dr. Hong Seok Choi
    Advances in WOLED Technology for OLED TV and Lighting
  • Prof. Franky So
    Light Extraction in Nano-Structured OLEDs
  • Prof. Ken-Tsung Wong
    High efficiency and high stability of exciplex-based OLEDs
  • Dr. Thomas Baumann
    Highly Efficient Deep Blue TADF Emitter Materials For Next-Generation OLED Displays

  • Break

  • Prof. Kee-Sun Sohn
    Search for Cuboid Local Structures in the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD) and the Ensuing DFT Computation to identify a Red Light-Emitting Phosphor
  • Dr. Masayoshi Mikami
    Theoretical approach for Eu2+/Ce3+-doped LED phosphors
  • Mr. Kiminori Enomoto
    A novel red-emitting phosphor with a large Stokes shift
  • Prof. Yoshihiko Kanemitsu
    Light emission from nanocrystal quantum dots: materials and devices
  • Prof. Heesun Yang
    Electroluminescent devices based on heavy metal-free colloidal quantum dots
  • Prof. Tae-Woo Lee
    High efficiency light-emitting diodes based on metal halide perovskite nanoparticles

  • Break

  • Prof. Yizheng Jin
    Towards high-performance, solution-processed light-emitting diodes based on quantum dots
  • Prof. Shuming Chen
    Efficient Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes with Tandem Structure

  • Late news, Closing